In general, the Suzuki looks to bridge the lovers skubek function and style enthusiasts. Skubek who actually use the tire size ring 16 that, approaching the form of a duck that has been selling well in the country.

The function, which has long skubek 1.935 m, and 67 cm wide and 1.07 m high, it will make users more freely through the various fields. It's not just the larger wheels. But, in general, also more than Spin gambot 125.

Technology development not only in outer form. Look at the carburetor. Although a size similar to Spin 125, karbu Skywave equipped with a filter air filter before heading neddle valve. That meant that the air entering the karbu really clean from the water.

Another with the outside air filter design from ventury carburetor. Created gambot and position just above the CVT. Physical effects, the shape of the whole machine so visible gambot, in tune with the form of total skubek. In fact, hell, that's not part of the machine.